Frequently Asked Questions

When should I hire College Path Consultants to start working with my child?

Whether your student is a freshman or a senior in high school, we can help! Each family starts the college planning process at different times, and our program reflects the flexibility and the creativity that busy families need.

We understand that you are juggling often full time jobs, younger children and a variety of extracurricular sports and activities. College Path Consultants wants to leave you reassured that all your deadlines are met while helping your student discover their true passions and talents.  This may involve creating a challenging (but not overburdening) high school course load and creating meaningful internships and experiences that will match student to school.

Can you guarantee my child’s admission to a certain college?

No.  The role of college planners is NOT to get students into their top choice college-and we certainly don't guarantee admission to any college. Our role as a college planner is to help students explore which colleges are best suited to help them thrive, succeed, and graduate.

We help students gain perspective in the process so they can make better decisions as to how and when to apply to the right school for them. But ultimately consultants don't get the kids in; the kids get the kids in. We have relationships with hundreds of colleges and universities across the country but have no influence on their admissions decisions.

How do you charge? Aren't you expensive?

In relation to the amount of money you are about to spend on a four year college education, we are very reasonable-our hourly billing rate is no more than your attorney or accountant-to give you a perspective. But when you think about the six-figure investment you are about to make, our fees are reasonable and our services are outstanding.

Do you fill out the FAFSA for us?

In short, no. We are neither financial advisors, attorneys, nor accountants. We do, however, work extensively with your financial professionals, speaking the same language, and providing a checklist of "best practices" in how to position your assets and properly prepare for "FAFSA Shock."  We minimize your financial exposure while working collaboratively to ensure you are in your best position when you actually fill out the FAFSA. 

A Franchise Operation Said They Were Less Expensive

Using a franchise to plan your child's collegiate future is much like using McDonald's to cater your child's wedding.  You may save money but you get what you pay for.  Don't make that mistake.

Can't I just figure this admissions stuff out myself?

Of course, you can. Just like you can figure out how to prepare your own taxes, sell your own home, or design your own website. Our clients are intelligent people and can figure most anything out-if they had the time, patience, and energy. But they also have the good sense to hire a professional who can lead them through the process, providing critical information and advice when it is most needed. Our clients’ feedback indicates that we save them an average of 8 hours for every 1 hour of consultation time.

Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

I began college planning in 1991 in Oxford, Mississippi while working on my MA in History at Ole Miss.  I was the Tennis Teaching Pro for the city and had an opportunity to place a few dozen students with lucrative scholarships at competitive colleges.  Since that time, I have taught adjunct history and/or general education classes at Murray State University, University of Mississippi, Middle Tennessee State University, University of Phoenix, and, most recently, Nashville State Community College.

When the Great Recession hit, I returned to the classroom as a student, earning my Master of Arts in Teaching and working on my Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Professional Practice at Trevecca Nazarene University. 

I have an extensive background in higher education—teaching, advising, and coaching college students.  

Since going full time as a college planner in 2009, I have worked with students from Nashville's most elite prep schools including Montgomery Bell Academy, Ensworth, Battle Ground Academy, Harpeth Hall, and Currey-Ingram.  Students from public high schools, nonetheless, continue to be my bread-and-butter. 

My students have attended virtually every Ivy League college, Michigan, Berkeley, UVA, Miami of Ohio, Vanderbilt, and many others.