Educational Arrangements

Educational Consulting for Onboarding and Retention


Educational Arrangements

Offering Educational Consulting as a part of your benefits package sets the tone that your company cares about its employees’ and their families.

Looking for a unique benefit to draw the most qualified new candidates and  keep seasoned professionals dedicated to your company?

A game changer in Employee Benefits

Educational Arrangements are integral to onboarding executives with families and children and helps ensure a smooth transition. Our consulting services include:

Employee’s Children

  • Identifying the perfect school district before a move
  • Guidance in Educational/Psychological testing and referrals
  • Accelerated consulting for talented/gifted students
  • Overseeing the college planning and admissions process


  • Strategies for eliminating/reducing student loan debt
  • Helping to find the perfect college for undergraduate or post-graduate coursework
  • Masters level and terminal degree advising
  • Assistance with financial planning for college
  • Tennessee ReConnect (degree-completion) consulting

Offering bonus benefits such as educational consulting on top of your existing benefits package can help you draw the attention of top candidates, as well as retain well-qualified, high-performing current employees.

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